ANJALI AHAM : Psychosocial Counselling Centre, Point Pedro

ANJALI AHAM : Psychosocial Counselling Centre

Anjali Aham, the Psychosocial Counselling Centre was started to address the acute needs of the psychosocial problems of trauma, grief and other psychological problems people encountered especially after the war and Tsunami  The target groups consist of widows, children, differently able children, youth and members of bereaved families.

The centre is situated in Point Pedro at Thumpalai. The centre was officially opened on 22nd May, 2006. From the inception the centre was headed by Rev.Fr.S. Damian Soosaipillai, OMI. He is a Counseling/ Clinical Psychologist, with an MA . from the Ottawa University and an MA in from St.Paul’s University  He taught at the Faculty of Medicine under the Department of Psychiatry  , University of Jaffna and Government Teaching Hospital Jaffna. He has been in counseling services for the past 28 years. He has attended several national and International level conferences and has conducted training programs and given lectures to people of all walks of life.

Currently he is assisted by Rev.Fr.I Vijendran and a team of seven counselors.

Vision – Journeying with the wounded with love and compassion

Our Services

  1. 1.      Counselling Programme
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Trauma
  • Children with special needs
  • Grief
  • Differently able
  • Group therapy (for affected children and mothers)
  • Training of counselors and supervision
  • Family problems from the courts
  1. 2.      Widows’ Programme
  •  Counselling
  • Livelihood
  • Self help
  • Empowerment
  • Monthly meetings
  • Savings
  • Seminars
  1. 3.      Education Programme
  • Evening tuition classes for the children
  • English
  • Values Education
  • Nutritional programme
  • Character building programme


  1. 4.      Children Programme
  • Anjali Blossom Club
  • Counselling for Hostel Children
  • Promoting Fine Arts and Culture through

–          Dance

–          Yoga

–          Music, painting and art

–          Understanding and celebrating religious and cultural festivals

–          Creative celebration of International Children Day

–          Savings awareness

–          Karate

  1. 5.      Youth Programme
  • Publication of Anjali Magazine
  • Group Activities
  • Leadership Enhancement
  • Seminars
  • Multi Ethnic Youth Get-togethers
  • Community Service for the  Elders-Senior Citizens
  • Visiting Ashamam –children Homes
  • Monthly Gathering
  1. 6.      Anjali Blossom Parents’ Meetings
  • Monthly meetings
  • Awareness of education of their children
  • Seminars on social issues
  • Savings awareness
  • Service to Anjali Aham


  1. 7.      Schools
  • Leadership
  • Human values
  • Personality Development
  • Non violent communication


  1. 8.      Spiritual Activities
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Mediation
  • Retreats (on request)
  • Spiritual Animation
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation
  • Manavala  Kalai Payitchchi