GerritMuis (2)BIn November 2015 Mr. Gerrit Muis was our guest at Thodarpaham for three days. He is from Holland and has been visiting Sri Lanka regularly since 1981. What started as a casual visit to Fr. Iruthayam at Palayootu in Sri Lanka, in 1981, has escalated into a full blown commitment; to help the orphans who are the product of 30 year civil war. Mr. Muis is helping many institutions that are looking after the orphans, e.g. at Atchuvely, Kilinochchi, Mulankavil, Badulla, etc. When asked how many orphans he is helping, he mumbles diffidently “Don’t know…must be several hundred”.

Mr. and Mrs Gerrit Muis have no children of their own, but have adopted two boys and a girl from Indonesia and a Sinhalese girl from Sri Lanka. His commitment in Sri Lanka has been enhanced by being linked to a Foundation by the name “Stichting Project Hulp Sri Lanka”. Twice a year Mr. Muis visits the project areas in Sri Lanka; each visit lasting six weeks. He is unassuming and easily accommodates to the harsh clime and spicy food of the Northern Province.

“’It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35