Day of Recollection for MAMI Members

Day of recollection for the members of MAMI (Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate) was organized in both Jaffna and Mannar dioceses. The day of recollection for the MAMI members in Jaffna was held at “Sangamam”, Kopay on December 16, 2018, while for the MAMI members in Mannar at “Gnanodhayam”, Keeri on December 23,2018. During the days of recollection both in Jaffna and Mannar Fr. Jegan Coonghe, OMI the Spiritual Director of MAMI officially handed over his responsibility to the spiritual new director, Fr. Wenceslaus OMI. Fr. Provincial expressed his sentiments of gratitude to  the outgoing spiritual director Fr. Jegan Coonghe, OMI, for his tireless work and enthusiasm to bring the life back to the MAMI. Fr. Provincial also officially introduced the new spiritual director to the MAMI members. 

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