Iona College Visits Jaffna Oblate Missions

Iona College, located in Lindum, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, founded by Fr. Timothy M. F. Long, OMI and, Fr. Denis McCarthy, OMI in 1958 celebrates its diamond jubilee. The present Rector of Iona College, Fr Michael Twigg, OMI requested Fr.Provincial to assist them to visit Oblate missions in Jaffna Province. The purpose of this visit is twofold:

Rev. Fr. Timothy M. F. Long (1936-54), the beloved founder of Iona College was previously the Rector of St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna that was founded in 1850 by the Oblates missionaries. ii. The ‘Year of Oblate Vocation,’

Rev. Fr. M. Deloshan, OMI was kindly requested to be the guide to the Iona College Group that consisted of fifteen students, two teacher staff members and the Rector. The visitors were welcomed with great warmth and hospitality. They visited some historical Oblate mission centers like Madhu Shrine, Jaffna Public Library and St. Patrick’s College.

They also visited some of the present Oblate missions, viz., CRADA (Centre for Rehabilitation of Alcoholic and Drug Addicts) in Mannar, Amputee Clinic (AmathyKarankal) in Mankulam and Oblate Juniorate in Jaffna. They also visited the Oblate Provincial House in Jaffna, where Fr. Provincial briefed them about what Jaffna Oblates are currently engaged in their missions.

Besides, they were also exposed to some cultural sites in the North of Sri Lanka, among which Centre for   Performing Arts (CPA) in Jaffna was the center of their attraction.


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