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The Lord’s Assistance is needed in this time of crisis

The Causes

There is an unstable political and economic environment in our country and currently, we are facing a serious economic crisis due to the Dollar crisis. This unfortunate situation has arisen due to the shortage of foreign reserves, the depreciation of the rupee, the uncontrolled borrowings from foreign countries and the failure of the government to come up with a proper plan to come out of this abyss.

The Effects

There is an acute shortage of essential food items. As a result, the prices of essential food items have increased sharply as never before. The price of wheat flour, bread, rice, milk-powder, diesel, petrol, kerosene oil, domestic gas, cement, and bus fares among many others have gone up very high while the people are continuing and forced to queue up and spend days to obtain necessities for hours at various sales outlets to buy their daily or weekly requirements. There is also a shortage of medicines and ordinary people are paying high prices to obtain necessary drugs. Meanwhile, the price of many other materials required for the building process has also been increased almost by 100%. A large number of hotels, restaurants, and bakeries across the country have been closed due to power, fuel and gas scarcity. The people are undergoing more stress with non-availability of essential goods and the high cost of living. Given the chaos, confusion and uncertainty currently prevailing in our country, it is only natural for people to be afraid of a worse calamity that tomorrow might unleash on them.

Let us be and give signs of hope

It is in this background and context, we are called to give hope to the people and be united in prayer for our country because there is nothing that the Lord cannot do.

Constructive Change requires a better commitment

Sign of Growth and Maturity

Fear, confusion, anxiety, indecision, despair, expectation, joy, curiosity accompany major or minor changes in one’s life. The reason is obvious. Major changes in life imply a sense of adjustment to factors unknown, situations unfamiliar and people and relationships, which are different. However, coping with major and minor changes in one’s life is a sign of growth and maturity. Those who have reflected on the phenomenon of change affirm that learning to cope with changes will work wonders in all areas of one’s life.

Change is Fundamental

We are living not only in a busy world but also in a fast changing world. Whether we accept and respond to change or not, it is imperative that we recognize change as a fundamental reality of life. We cannot pretend not to know. Neither can we prevent every change from happening. An element of the unknown haunts every change. The factor of the unknown in any change can be either a pleasant surprise or an unexpected disaster.

The Element of Risk

The factor of the unknown makes us realize that in every change there is an element of risk or insecurity. Our spontaneous reaction to changes in whatever form is one of resistance. We, human beings, feel at home with familiar places, with known people, in our accustomed job and on the beaten path. The self- evident reason is that we feel secure in all these situations. Whereas, however comfortable the new places may be, however good and kind the new people may be, however pleasant the new working conditions may be, however easy the unbeaten path may be, we do not feel at home immediately. It takes time for us to get used to the new surroundings. The element of risk is magnified because we have built around ourselves comfort zones. The more comfort zones we construct for ourselves, the more we make ourselves incapable of adjusting to change.

Let us be People of Optimism

Without Faith in the ever-abiding presence of God in the daily events of life, it is rather difficult to encounter change with serenity. Faith in the presence of God invites us to look at creation with optimism and joy. It also gives us the strength to go ahead with hope and courage. Optimism is a fundamental requirement to welcome change. Many of our pioneers have been very optimistic people. Their optimism was rooted in their faith in God and in the goodness of the people with whom and for whom they worked.

We have to pay attention to another area of our life. Unconsciously, or because of certain past events, we get struck with a set pattern of thinking, acting and living. This in turn makes us stagnate. We land up in a situation of frustration and depression. Depressed people can bring down the morale of a place or community. They would constantly sow seeds of despair and negative feelings. It is a pitiable condition for any religious to be associated with this qualification.

Transforming Experience

The Apostles were shattered by the tragic end of Jesus. They were scattered and afraid, even to identify themselves as his associates and disciples. However, the whole attitude and spirit of the apostles changed, the moment they received the Spirit of God. This was a consoling and empowering experience. This new experience gave them courage and strength to face new situations in their mission. They were fully convinced that the Lord was with them in all their endeavors. They felt themselves to be no ordinary people. They began to feel that they were special, a people set apart. The spirit transformed the Apostles from being passive followers to becoming active agents of change in the society.

As spirit- filled people we are invited to live our life
with creativity, commitment, effectiveness and love.
Wishing you all a joy-filled Easter

Rev. Fr. Eugene Benedict, OMI
The Provincial Superior

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