Major Vacation Programs of the Scholastics

Experiences of the Scholastics – Philosophers

Every year there are precious moments when our major vacation starts soon after the semester exams. The vacations contain various exposures such as linguistic experience, pastoral experience etc. They are really blissful and they help us to feel enthused and gain insights  for our future challenges. This year we learned to organize programmes for vocations. Thus, we visited many parishes in different parts of  Jaffna, Batticaloa, and Mannar Dioceses respectively. Our visit towards Batticaloa was a new experience. Since visiting of Batticaloa was the first endeavour of such organized programmes, it increasingly boosted us to keep up the same spirit in other parishes. We had ‘vocation programmes’ at Thannamunai, Karuveppangkeni, Navatkuda (in the Diocese of Batticaloa), Mulangkavil, Kurunagar, St. Mary’s Cathedral – Jaffna, Columbuthurai, Koiyaththoddam, Navanthurai (in the Diocese of Jaffna), Thalvupadu, Piyar, Thalaimannar, Cheddikulam (in the Diocese of Mannar). These programmes prolonged for about 47 days starting from 1st of August to the 17th of September 2019. We focused mainly on ‘vocation of God and the leadership’. Since these topics go hand in hand with the present world situation, and more so they remain suitable for the children as well as the parents. We are also proud of an accomplishment which appears in the form of  a small booklet named ‘mkykhpj;jpahfpfs;>’ ‘The Oblates.’ It was our great achievement with the fuller support of Fr. Jeyarajan Coonghe, OMI. It contains seven articles regarding our congregation. These programmes were positive in acquiring knowledge about the world and the challenge in evangelization. Even though there were setbacks of our limited facilities, we turned them into amusing anecdotes. The more we gave ourselves to the success of this programme, the more we became faithful to the mission entrusted to us.

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