”Malarum Mullai”

We, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of the Province of Jaffna together with the Organization of Netherlands –Venray, Stichting Mullai, have been working at Oddusuddan, the northern part of Sri Lanka. (Community Development & Educational Resource Centre). As we all know the downfall of the economic crisis due to the global pandemic and non-stabilized economic system in Sri Lanka, people are still undergoing a tremendous suffering to earn their daily living. In this crucial time, our Centre called “Malarum Mullai” focuses on quality education for deserving children and uplifting the livelihood of the people and their social life. Since the people of this rural area depend on this Centre for a standard education for the better future of their children and the holistic development of their life. Our mission and activities are organized in private land with the minimum facilities. There is a temporary shed for the classroom with a few benches for the students for their study purpose. And We are building classrooms along with a small library for children. The number of students gradually increase, and now we have almost 80 students at the Center.





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