MAMI Gathering

Under the guidance of Very Rev. Fr. Eugene Benedict, OMI, the Provincial Superior, the MAMI members were gathered together at Gnanodhayam on the 2nd of February. Rev. Fr. Wenceslaus, OMI the director of MAMI for Mannar and Vavuniya welcomed the gathering and invited Fr. Provincial to address the gathering.
The second gathering was held at Thodarpaham on the 20th of February 2021. Rev. Fr. John Patrick, OMI, the Director for Jaffna invited all the members to this gathering.
The Provincial addressed the members and focused on the important roles of MAMI members in the congregation. He further said that the MAMI members are members belonging to the Congregation; the General Administration has a good opinion and gives priority to this Association. We, as Oblates, expect support and help from the members for the mission fields. The founder had a special concern on the dysfunctional families and the life styles of the families have to be changed to live according to the Charism. He further added in his talk that the spiritual duties, good family life in forming the children, moral life and prayer life have to be strengthened and developed in the family to be part of the congregation. Then the MAMI members shared their life experiences. They said that when they come for gathering on special occasions like Lenten and Christmas programmes they feel the spirit of family of the Oblates, we come to know each other and we realize the uniqueness and duties in the congregation. After that we have fixed the date for forthcoming Lenten programme at Chaddy. At the end the Provincial said that a MAMI general gathering in the province is going to be held in August.
Finally the Directors of MAMI thanked all those who have participated in the gathering.

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