22 palasarasvathi (2)BMs. Palasaraswathy is thrilled to get an additional cow from HAVONOS. She is 42 years old and has one son. Not only she lost her left leg during the war but she is also separated from her husband.

On the 8th of January Fr. Yakkop Robinson Sathees- kumar OMI and Fr. Alphen Segar OMI visited the widows in Mankulam area, who had been granted first installment by HAVONOS for livelihood mini-projects. They were happy to see that all the recipients were responsible in executing the projects. They also visited 14 widows in Iyakkachi area to distribute first installment for mini projects. It is also noteworthy that Fr. Anpurasa OMI and two field staff from Amputees’ Clinic follow up and coordinate these mini projects – with the headoffice – whenever they visit the amputees for their clinical followup.