The Annual Retreat – 2018

The Annual retreat – 2018 for the First Group of the Oblates of Jaffna Province was held at Gnanodhayam, Keeri , Mannar from 13 September to 18 September. Thirty one Oblates took part in this retreat. The retreat facilitator was Rev. Fr. Jerry Rosario, SJ from Chennai, a vibrant speaker, a model to the modern world and on the whole a revolutionary. He organized the retreat in such a way it became a special retreat to the participants. The prayer tips sessions were very touching and relevant, and they were followed by Group sharing that was named as Satsang (a Sanskrit word, meaning “to associate with true people”) in which the sessions were reflected with personal sharing and then they were celebrated in the Eucharistic celebration creatively. The serene atmosphere during the retreat clearly depicted that all the retreatants took this retreat very seriously. The retreat came to an end with the public pledge to God to live a radical rededicated religious life. The Second Group of  Oblates will make their annual retreat in the month of November, 2018.


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