We, the scholastics from Rome, are really blessed and cherished in being in the Community which is obviously coloured and flavoured with multi-nationality. This energized us really to move forward in our new experiential journey of priesthood with fraternal support and prayers. Our first impression of this new community is, welcoming amidst all our differences with the unique Oblate spirit. Here, due to the pandemic out break we are facing certain restrictions even in our Community activities. The Holy Mass is celebrated twice a day in order to maintain the social distance. So we are unable to come together for Eucharistic celebration. But common recreation takes place together with effective participation of all the members of the Community. As like in our other Scholasticates, here too prime importance is given to our prayer life. Prayers are conducted very solemnly and most simply. There are also ample opportunities provided to grow in communal spirit to know and understand each other and one’s unique personality. All in all the Oblate spirit is obviously determined for all those wish to experience it. Thus, in the days to come we hope to enrich our community life in all the ways possible with God’s grace and mutual support of our brothers. I sincerely thank all those who have been helping us in our journey towards priesthood.

                                                                         Sc. Ajanthan, OMI

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